Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Hearth Pads, Stove Boards, and Fireplace Hearth Pads

Do I need a hearth pad for a gas stove?

Yes, some gas stoves require hearth pads or stove boards. The necessity depends on your specific gas stove model, manufacturer guidelines, and heat output. Always refer to your gas stove's installation manual for precise requirements. If your manual is unavailable, consult your state and local building codes for guidance.

Even if not required, adding a hearth pad enhances protection and adds aesthetic value to your hearth area.

How to install a hearth pad?

  1. Consult Installation Manuals and Codes: Ensure you follow all safety and clearance requirements by checking installation manuals and local building codes.
  2. Determine Placement: Choose the location for your hearth pad.
  3. Prepare the Floor: Clean the floor thoroughly and ensure it is level. Use shims if necessary to level the hearth pad.
  4. Secure the Hearth Pad: Depending on the type, some hearth pads can be set on the floor, while others may need anchoring or fire-resistant adhesive.
  5. Verify Installation: Ensure the hearth pad is secure, level, and properly aligned with the stove.
  6. Install the Stove: Follow the heating appliance manufacturer's instructions to install your stove.

Note: Hearth pads are heavy and should be handled by a licensed and insured professional.

What are the R-value requirements of a hearth pad?

The R-value indicates the thermal resistance of a material, reflecting its insulation effectiveness. For hearth pads, fire protection and safety are the primary concerns rather than thermal insulation. Therefore, specific R-value requirements are typically not outlined in building codes.

What can be used as a hearth pad?

Hearth pads must be made from non-combustible or fire-resistant materials to withstand high temperatures and protect against sparks, embers, and ash. Common materials include:

  • Ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone tiles
  • Cement board
  • Stone slabs (granite, soapstone, slate)
  • Metal sheets
  • Hearth rugs
  • Fire-resistant boards

Where to buy a hearth pad?

Dominus Heat offers a wide selection of hearth pads and stove boards, conveniently shipped to your home. Due to their size and weight, they are usually shipped on a pallet via a freight carrier. Explore our full range of hearth pads and stove boards on our website.

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